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portrait de Paul

The profession of wine is always born of a passion: Passion for fruit, quality, simplicity, terroir and sharing.
The history of a terroir does not limit itself to stories of a Château, historical or geological stories.
History is a country where passionate men and women live, who ennoble the earth by their work, in symbiosis with the climate.
From this work vineyards are born, which draw with softness and harmony the landscape at all times of the year.
From there they write beautiful epics for the harvest, pruning, plowing or bottling.
These vineyards are the fruit of human activity that brings us all together in one vision: “who has seen neighbors observing your vineyards, or taste your wines to judge your skills will understand me.”
This history when you can participate by cultivating and vinifying in the company of people for whom one has affection: one has the desire to share it.
This sharing is a culmination, without lies or false pretenses, even if the economic reality exists.
At a time when we are talking about sustainable development on every occasion, it is important for me to highlight that vineyards have been cultivated in our regions since antiquity and that this is our greatest proof of sustainable development .
This is the beginning of the story,
I am Oenologist, diploma crowning a vocation for agriculture since the agricultural class of second grade when i was 14 years old.
I was able to grow and vinify in several châteaux and renowned estates before I could create my own wine “les arrougeys” and here we are, installed like wine merchant in Mirepoix, Ariège, a charming medieval village that I invite you to visit. In a spirit to share my savoir faire with a smile!
Wine has been my craft and my passion for over 30 years.
Paul, oenologue de la Cave d’Amont

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